[Mi Fit 4.0] ONE Run counts TWICE on total calories burned page


after updating to the latest version of both the Mi Fit App (4.0.2) and the Mi Band 3 firmware ( the problem remains exactly the same.

In addition to the mentioned events in the first post, I found out that when I go to
My Workouts - Todays Activity - the time of my run (Treadmill mode started on Mi Band 3) is 00:11:47. However when I click on the activity to see all the stats, it shows that time is 00:12:19.

When I go to
My Workouts - Burned calories - I see Treadmill counting as 00:11:47 (in addition to a Running session that lasts 00:10:00 and calories of both activities are summed up... it is so confusing!)

Where do all the different times come from and which time is true?

Please if anyone from support reads this, forward this message to the developer's team. I am checking this forum frequently so I can be of any assistance to you, just let me know. Please fix those inconsistencies!