Only the new flagship from Redmi got the name and it started: here it is in the photo, here he made the photo himself, and today K20 appeared in the Antutu test.
Lou Waibing, showed the results of the test of one of the K20 series smartphones in Weibo. Presumably, this was tested by the K20 Pro. The screenshot shows that Antutu assigned 458,754 points to the smartphone. This is more than surprising, since the Snapdragon 855 flagship platform gives an average result of 370,000 points.

In April, the top 3 ranking Antutu smartphones company Xiaomi. The first on the list was Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition with a score of 373715 points, followed by Xiaomi 9 with an average score of 373511 points.
As you can see, the gap with the flagships of Xiaomi was almost more than 100,000 points. Many fans are already puzzled by the question of whether the Redmi K20 series will become the killer of Xiaomi flagships. Ban Jutan, partner of Xiaomi's investment department, responded that in order to reduce the cost of body materials and some other parameters of the new smartphones from Redmi, certain compromises have to be made. So direct competition between different brands and their flagship products will not. Do you expect new flagships on the market from Redmi? Write about it in the comments.

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