As of the news, OnePlus is releasing their long awaited legacy of excellence- The OnePlus 7series.
With the tagline “Go Beyond Speed,” the new OnePlus smartphone is expected to once again pack the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset—the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Credible rumors point to there being two new OnePlus smartphones—a standard OnePlus 7with a similar design to the OnePlus 6T but with updated internals, and a OnePlus 7 pro model with a 90Hz QHD  display, 48MP camera, and faster 30W charging. OnePlus has confirmed that a “Pro” model will be coming with 5G support and a much better display, but they didn’t go into further detail.
It will launch on 14 matrch in three different countries- India, UK and USA.its milestones:
1.The display of one7 is the best on the benchmark.
2. The OnePlus director have said that o7 can compete with first tier phones.
3.oneplus 7 pro will be completely bezel less!
Yes bezel less .
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