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2017-05-09 04:11:29
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Hello dear Mi Fans,

As always I am very much excited to
participate in yet another contest i.e.

"Snaps To Wallpapers" contest

So are you guys ready???
as I am!!!

These are all Non-edited photos taken with Redmi Note 3.
My another intention in presenting these
photos is to inspire amazing people
like you to click wonderful photos
and share with the world!!

So, without further delay let
me present you with
Wallpaper-ready Clicks....

As Sun rises , dew-drops on plants glitters...

Flower wakes up from long night sleep...

Pollinating insects collects nectar..

How beautiful and lovely are all these scenes...

We all look up everyday to such a
nice day full of nature's beauty

Every creature enjoys nature's bounty

From the  tinest to the largest...

Share love and friendship.......

for a beautiful and peaceful world

***Have a nice day***

Here I am giving link to gDrive for files.. ... YjVYOUk?usp=sharing


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2017-05-09 04:11:29
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MIUI Translator team

SSNayak | from Redmi Note 4


Beautiful snaps bro
2017-05-09 04:58:22
Great work! All the best.
2017-05-09 05:07:56

Thanks !!!

I was afraid if I be not able to submit on time because of my heavy schedule.
But did it... thank you again for the wish!!!
2017-05-09 05:18:42

Thank you  very much!!!
2017-05-09 05:19:14
Nice, awesome, pics. Pal
2017-05-09 06:14:27
Keep it up, all d best
2017-05-09 06:14:54
Just a pleasure to watch..
2017-05-18 06:13:33

الأرنب الضعيف

Hemkei Author | from Redmi Note 3


HD Harshal
Just a pleasure to watch..

Thnks, it means alot
2017-05-18 06:15:16
2017-05-18 13:31:22
Nice snap...
2017-05-19 06:06:37
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