So the update for MIUI 10 just rolled out on the redmi note 5 pro and i got a chance to try it out. Bringing new features and enhancements this is a nice and refreshing update. After trying out the new ui for a while now i have come across many great things and some major problems. But overall this is a great and refreshing update.

First off, lets talk about the good features this update brings to the table.
This update brings new icons and an overhauled notification and status bar which looks very new and refreshing.
Then we have the new and overhauled clock and notes which also feel fresh.
The new sounds for notifications and deleting items also sound very relaxing and natural as well as the added ambient noises and sounds for listening when working.
The apps also launch a bit faster and feel snappy.
AI mode is also now available which is great for the already sharp and incredible note 5 cameras and also provide portrait modes for older phones like redmi note 4 and 3.
These are the good features but now lets talk about the not so good ones.
First there is a huge bug in the camera. A 1080p60fps mode was introduced which made me quite happy until i tried to record a video and realised that it is broken. It produces a dark image with not 60fps. This is a major issue and needs to be resolved.
Another thing that happened was that for the first time in my phone's lifetime i encountered an app stop working problem.
Another problem is that my 4000 mAh battery is draining faster than it should which is i think another bug.
A problem for the start which hasnt gone away still is the low volume on headphones which still isnt fixed for me.
But that wraps up all the goodies and problems in MIUI 10.

I think its an amazing update but could be a little bit better if that camera problem could be fixed as well as the other problems stated but still it is a great update.
[MMPRC #9]
Ayaan Khan.