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[Discussion] E-Books Vs Printed Books ! Which One Do you prefer ?

2017-04-30 20:09:53

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Hello Mi fans,

I remember the aroma when I used to get new books . It felt like a achievement when majority of a thick 500 page book moves from right to left . But in last few years we have seen E-Books where you don't have to carry heavy books and you can read you favorite book on your mobile (Ask your engineer friends about the importance of PDFs ) . Mi Max provides an amazing viewing experience . Its 6.44'' screen provides more content to view so that you need to flip less . Don't forget the read mode which helps in reading at night so that you can sleep comfortably without stress .

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Both E-Books and Printed Books have their pros and cons . In E-Book Reader you can store hundred of books and can see any at an instant (Think to find your favorite book out of hundred ).  You can buy and download E-Books any time . So no worries of getting sold out !! You can buy E-Books at much cheaper price compared to Printed Books . Additionally you will get multiple online options where you can buy your books . E-Book reader have other advantages too . Reader like kindle have inbuilt dictionary in case you need help in finding the meaning of a word .

But Printed books have their own advantages . Suppose you find need to go to a particular part of book . It is really easy to move with printed book . It doesn't harm your eyes . Multiple researches suggest that reading from Light Emitting e-book affects your sleep which ultimately impacts your overall health . Printed Books are the physical reminder of your journey . It really feels great to show off your collection (My friend has an amazing and big collection of books and honestly I am really jealous of him ). Printed books are readable in sun light too . You don't have to worry about battery , crashes or password . You can also make notes in your printed books as you need. It helps a lot to students .

So which one do you prefer ? E-Books or Printed Books ? My Vote goes to E-Books (My Best Friend since college days )

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Portable , Can be downloaded instantly , SAVE TREES

Negative votes (48)

Better for Overall Health , No Worry of theft , battery , crashes . Make Notes , Underline , Doodle

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      2017-04-30 20:09:53
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      arpit.porwalmoon | from Redmi 3S


      Well depends on what I am reading, not a big fan of ebooks. For academic books I always prefer hard copies and non acad stuff like novels or articles I prefer Kindle.
      2017-04-30 23:04:12
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      Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

      Semi Pro Bunny

      drjchatterjee | from Redmi Note 3


      Printed books are better.
      2017-05-03 21:17:16
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      Device team

      Naman Mishra | from Redmi Note 3


      Lately started using e-books more. So gonna choose it as I can have all e-books at my fingertip while traveling which is not possible with paperback.
      2017-05-03 21:37:19
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      Advanced Bunny

      Adhyan2808 | from MI MAX


      Ebook to be preferred
      2017-05-03 22:41:21
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      Semi Pro Bunny

      C25 | from MI MAX


      Printed books!
      2017-05-05 09:33:03
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      i am for ebooks.
      2017-05-09 08:43:56
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      i prefer E books
      2017-05-09 17:17:07
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      printed books
      2017-05-09 19:05:13
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      Pro Bunny

      1610278230 | from Redmi Note 3


      still go with printed books
      2017-05-09 19:10:13
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      Work Hard For Your Dreams

      Rookie Bunny

      1693525047 | from Redmi 4A


      Physical book
      2017-05-09 19:10:25
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