OrangeFox R10 beta 9mido, vince, whyred, pie-whyred
Changelog:* Added remove password patch in Fox addons* Fixed adb switch in ADB Sideload page* Fixed missing 'Partition SD' button in Partition Manager* Every builds now markered with new var 'BUILD_TYPE', added info in welcome text and about page* Option that expands button lists* Warning if /cust error* Right way to save of_no_miui_features* Rework change themes mechanics, applying much faster and themes keep after recovery re-installing* Disabled screenshoting by vol- key* Reworked pie style battery, pie style battery now for default* Other minor fixes
// Magisk 19.0 not compatibility with OrangeFox Magisk Manager, please stop report this.// Format data in Manage Partition page, stop asking about it.