AVE to all Mi Fans, Friends and Evyone here :-)

1. My modest and slightly damaged personality - ou moi - is from Poland :-)
2. I became a fan of Xiaomi in September 2018, when I was looking for a new phone, which will replace my current Lumia 950XL. In the sense that it will not have worse parameters than it, possibly the same or better. That's when I discovered the Mi8, bought it and now I'm very happy with it. Then I also noticed the brand Xiaomi... and it turned out that they produce a lot of other great things :-)
3. Mi 8 and Automatic Umbrella :P
4. My message to You my fellow Mi Friends is:
It is good to remember that the most important thing in memories is to have a place to stay and remember them there... like in this place... like this Community :-) People who do not need other people need other people to show them that they are people who do not need other people :-)