JerryRigEverything blogger went to one of the most mentioned smartphones beginning in 2019 - Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
As we recall, the manufacturer actively promoted it as very durable, so that at least the strength test was quite interesting to see.

And this test failed the machine. The video clearly shows that the smartphone runs "desperately", but still bends, and then completely breaks down. And as a metal frame, and directly the display.

Thus, in terms of impact strength Redmi Note 7, maybe better competitors, but the strength of the bend is obviously not enough for him, because this test modern smartphones fail quite rarely. However, the safety margin of the device is still, so much to worry is not worth it.
As for other tests, everything is as always. Is it possible to note that the eraser on the SIM card tray, which should prevent the falling into the moisture, flew up immediately after removing the tray, which is very strange.