Super excited to see more from Xiaomi but a few things need to be clarified. Is the new Mi9 going to have 5G? Because you can bet the Mix 3 is judging by the poster. Furthermore, I'm still very intrigued by their foldable tablet. Hoping to see MIUI 11 or even new tricks from the Mi9 on an updated MIUI 10 from the event.

But if there's one thing that's bugging me the most and no reviewer tested. Is that Xiaomi spoke about the new speaker improvement it made in the Mi9. From the renders, I can see the long split on the earpiece which gives me some form of confidence that it's going to be stereo coming from the front but now I want to know the quality. Currently the best front facing speaker mainstream phone in my opinion is the Pixel 3, especially the smaller one since it's more balanced.