Hi Mi Fans,
Do you want to know the secret to gain more views and followers?

Create a good quality thread is the answer!

As you all know, Mi Community provides a great platform to showcase your work.
We always appreciate all of your contributions and gestures you give us through publishing threads.
This thread will be helpful in explaining what exactly is a good-quality thread.

  • Basic settings

1. Select size of fonts (2) or (3)
2. Select color of fonts (black or color)
3. Select bold text
4. Select underline


  • Use text color to highlight


  • Add table for a neat view

1. Select rows

2. Select columns

3. Select background color

  • Extra modification


  • Insert text alignment


  •   Add "Quote" or "Note"




  • Adding photos * All pictures are the same size so it looks well organized


  • Add videos* Add in YouTube video link directly


  • Add all kinds of files


  • Add emojis to highlight emotions


  • Add source if you want to improve thread quality


After reading this, what do you think Mi Fans?

Start writing your threads, if it\'s a good and helpful one, admins will favorite or feature it in the forum!

Hope this tutorial will inspire you to get started!

Please read guidelines and content policy before you begin posting threads on Mi Community

Source: Want to have more views? Learn how to improve your threads!