Hello MI-user,

How are you all? Since Mi Malaysia are going to launch MI MIX 3 this Saturday,January 12, Today I will be sharing about what is inside MI MIX 3 box and a little user experience when using this newest flagship phone by Xiaomi.

1. Outer box view

This time Xiaomi are using stripe design for the front of outside of the box, unlike MI MIX 2S which is only plain matte black for the box. Since it is called Onyx Black, maybe Xiaomi want a different taste for the box.

(Due to open camera flash to see clearly of the stripe, the mi logo become silver while actually it is gold)

2.  Inside the box

On the top as usual we will see a short text and signature by our Xiaomi founder , Lei Jun. Xiaomi always breakthrough new stuff as for the MIX series that are created with cool design. Like what being said in the slogan " Innovation for Everyone" .

Now we will see the MI MIX 3 inside the box after taking out the top cover. Before we go through more for the phone let 's look at the accessories first.

This time Xiaomi included wireless charger in the box which is most user that are long waiting for as MI MIX 3 support wireless charging and user sure love to have the bundle inside the box. Besides, it also have power adapter that can support Quick Charge 3.0 with the USB type C cable included inside as usual.

Do you think that's all for the accessories? No. It also have hard case for the MI MIX 3, sim eject tool and type C to audio converter inside the small box below the wireless charging pad.

3. The Phone

MI MIX 3 also come with the ceramic back design following the footsteps of it's previous MIX series. The different from it's previous series is this time there is magnetic slider on it and it become an addiction to slide the phone for some action that you can setup in the "slider settings".

AI button on the left side of the MI MIX 3

Want to answer the call? Just slide the phone to answer.
Want to take a selfie right after slide the phone? No problem.
Want to open tools for easy access? Just slide the phone.
Or do you want to open any app directly right after the slide? Yes. You can set the app that you want to open in setting.

Last but not least, After get to hold this elegant MI MIX 3, I feel this is a great smartphone that Xiaomi have invented because you can even have a stress relief by sliding the phone. As an addiction to it, user might have doubt about the long lasting of slider but the great news is official confirm that it can withstand up to 300k times of slide. Some test that carried by fans are confirm that it can withstand more than that. For me, I do not think that I can achieve 300k times of slide if just normal using the phone. Let's enjoy a night mode shot that I taking outside of the KLCC in Malaysia.