Just a few days ago, from the official source of Xiaomi, it became reliably known about the full-scale development of a new operating system for branded smartphones. The new firmware, which will be based on Android 8.1 Oreo, will be called MIUI 11 or MIUI Xl. While programmers and designers are working on new functionality, the management of the Chinese corporation is arguing about its name, as the board of directors was divided into two camps.

However, the name of the new operating system MIUI is far from as important as the features and capabilities that will be added to it. Unfortunately, on this account in the network so far there is absolutely no information. One can only assume that since Xiaomi wants to conquer the world market, it will rely on adapting all of its applications and services to the English-speaking population. In addition, it will not do without the expected innovations - increasing the speed of work, increasing autonomy and increasing security.
The source in the social network Weibo claims that the operating system MIUI 11 or MIUI Xl will be officially presented to the public in August. Most likely, the official announcement of a new firmware based on Android 9.1 Oreo will happen in the second half of this month. Already in the first days of February, the inhabitants of China will be able to install it on their mobile devices, while all others, that is, citizens of Russia, Europe and other regions of the world, will have to wait for its release until june-july.
Xiaomi will uniquely try to update all its smartphones to the new firmware, but it should be understood that older models can exclude upgrades to MIUI 11 or MIUI Xl from the upgrade program, because their hardware, due to the 32-bit structure, will not allow fast and stable operation. For example, before the current MIUI 10, the Chinese corporation has updated 40 of its electronic devices, including not only smartphones, but also tablets. It will uniquely make every effort to ensure that all users can install the new OS.
Thus, before the official announcement of the new operating system for all Xiaomi smartphones, there is still more than half a year, since its first presentation will take place only after nine months. During this time, a lot will happen. For example, the world will be presented with smart phones Mi 7 and Mi Max 3, the appearances of which are expected by millions of people from many countries of the world.
Previously, Xiaomi officially named specific smartphones that will never update to the operating system MIUI 10.,