Dear fellow Mi fans

Ok, It's your Mad Scientist again! I hope all of you are alive and kicking after viewing the challenge 1, 2 & 3 tests. Else, I strongly recommend you to refrain to look at the following test I'll be conducting!   

So much for the scratching, cutting and running over, I guess every one might be curious of it water-resistance-ness! We will find it out today here. (less heart-breaking I guess).


Just a simple bucket with clean water, and the main lead, Redmi Note 3 (right)


***WARNING: The following video clip is Rated: RESTRICT 21. It may caused some disturbance, and viewing discreet is recommended. It is advisable for kids to be accompained by and view under Parental Guidance. I do not hold any responsible for any illness, sickness &/or trauma caused.***

*NOTE: I'm very new to videography, and it is not my forte. I'm still learning in this aspect, so please kindly pardon for any  'imperfectness' in the following video recording & editing.

*NOTE: The music you are hearing is purposely retained and left un-edit. It is to indicate the 'life-status' of the Redmi Note 3.

*On a Side-Note: It is able to decode and playback .flac files!


I'm seriously impressed after conducting and witnessing the tests! It didnt much expect to survive the scratching, cutting, running over and this water- resistance tests! Well, i hope that you are also as impressed with it.