Dear fellow Mi fans

It is my honours to be selected as 1 of the lucky 10 Mi SG Explorer, for the Redmi Note 3. Well, I'd chosen the 'Mad Scientist' persona myself, as I thought it is something new for me. (So dont expect the usual fanciful unboxing photos & reviews , or tips and tutorials thread from me.)

So, here this is my first challenge, Key Scratch test. As we all know, the Redmi Note 3 does not come with gorilla glass, hence there are many concerns of how will the protection glass perform. This is a valid concern, as ladies would probably throw their keys and their handphone together in their handbag, and it may scratch the handphone. As for the guys, we love to squeeze our bunch of keys and handphone together in our jeans pocket.

Well, here I'm here to answer this doubt!


So, here we have the main lead, Redmi Note 3 (left), and a bunch of keys (right)


***WARNING: The following video clip is Rated: RESTRICT 21.  It may caused some disturbance, and viewing discreet is recommended. It is adviseable for kids to be accompanied by and view under Parental Guidance(s). I do not hold any responsible for any illness, sickness &/or trauma caused.***

*NOTE: I'm very new to videography, and it is not my forte. I'm still learning in this aspect, so please kindly pardon for any  'uin-perfectness' in the following video recording & editing.


I'm certaintly very surprised and amazed by the Redmi Note 3, despite not having gorilla glass, it is still able to withstand the key scratch. So ladies and gentlemen, you can now safely put your Redmi Note 3 together with your Keys... But of course, having said it is able to withstand, I personally would suggest not to do it everyday, unless you had forgotten, else it is still recommended to store them separately.

*NOTE:Ok you really need to pardon me for the fingersprints on the Redmi Note 3.