If you are like me, a little techy, a lot lazy, there's so many new product appearing on the market.

From Smart Plugs to Smart Kettles they all make life a little (a lot) easier, from the moment we walk into our homes and have the lights on guiding the way to the T.V. remote (if we haven't already got the T.V. programmed to open the local T.V. station, when we open the front gate) to having freshly boiled water ready, so we can fill up the tea pot before we've had time to take off our coat.

There's always that one device that just seems out of reach........ At the moment.

So my question for you all.........

What Device Is Currently Unavailable But Would Make Your Life That Little Bit Better?

Personally for me? It would have to be a smart drinks maker "Alexa make me a large white coffee with one sugar"

But what would you choose?