Hi, i have the Pocophone F1, and after updating to MIUI10/Pie, i found out that it's s**t, some of the core MIUI features are gone, like the "Hide Notch option" so i want to downgrade to MIUI9, but i don't know if it's safe... After running fastboot getvar anti, i got response anti: 1. What does 1 mean? Is it safe to downgrade or not? Also, are there any other antirollback versions besides 3 and 4, specifically 2, because i obviously got 1? I'm guessing that this antirollback system is something similar to Samsung's Binary version, so for example if you have Binary version 3, it's not possible to flash a FW with Binary version lower than 3, the Binary version has to be version 3 or higher to be able to flash it..meaning that if this IS similar to Samsung's implementation, MAYBE sometime in the future my Poco will receive an update witch will upgrade the antirollback version to 2 for example, and THEN i won't be able to downgrade to firmwares with version 1, witch are all the current ones? This is all a speculation, BUT it seems very plausible IMO. And if someone knows what does "anti: 1" mean, please share your knowledge, so i can downgrade without fear :/