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[Tutorial] [Feature Review] Separate Dual App Lock - Enhanced Privacy

2017-02-12 15:41

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Hello, MI Fans!
Recently with the advent of 7.2.9, out of your many suggestions that you have been sending out one got incorporated to cater your privacy to even higher levels. To provide you more customization and control over the choices now Global Developer Beta comes with a feature called Separate Dual App Lock.

For those who don't know, previously locking of dual app of a particular app would only be possible with locking of original app, in simple terms you were not able to lock the dual app separately without locking the first one, well no more! Now you have the choice to lock each one separately and we will see how below. So If you haven't yet updated to the latest version, its right time to fire up the updater app or check the 7.2.9 download link page here or here.

Step 1:
Create a dual instance of an app, go to security app - dual apps - turn on dual app, for the one you desire from the list of supported ones.

Step 2:
Now suppose you want to lock the dual app and not the original one of that app, all you have to do is,
Go to security app - app lock - scroll to the list & find your dual app - turn it on (pay attention to the dual app icon)

February 12, 2017 23443 PM GMT 0530.png February 12, 2017 23521 PM GMT 0530.png

Step 3:That's it! As you can experience, only the dual app is locked now (reverse is also possible).


I can't see this feature in my device?
- This feature is currently implemented on Global Developer ROM with android base 5.0+. Either you must be on stable release of MIUI 8 or supported MIUI 8 base for your device is lower than android 5.0+.

Can I just lock my original app and not the dual one, is that possible?
- Yes, indeed!

How it differs from the original iteration?
- As explained at the start, before it was only possible to both at a time or none. Now you have more options to choose from.

What about the password can I set the different one for each app?
- No, you can't. The password for the both can only be one for now and so the forgot password & related options, which you can explore from securiy app - dual apps - settings icon on top right.

That's it for now folks!
If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions regarding this feature or MIUI, like always use the comment box below or headover to MIUI Feedback or MIUI Q&A sections.

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2017-02-12 15:41
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Master Bunny

Amrit Kumar Swain | from Redmi Note 3


Very useful thread
2017-02-12 16:04
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MIUI beta tester

Er. Deep | from mobile


Thanks mate.. Trying the new feature
2017-02-13 00:33
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Master Bunny

SAm Shroff | from app


using all...
2017-02-13 08:26
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Master Bunny

Govindk | from Redmi Note 4


thanks for sharing
2017-02-13 08:31
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Semi Pro Bunny

46 | from Redmi 3S


2017-02-13 08:32
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Master Bunny

anujsingh06 | from app


great news thanks for sharing
2017-02-13 08:34
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Always Believe That SoMething Wonderful is About To Happen

good info bro
2017-02-13 08:35
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Semi Pro Bunny

RahulMee | from Redmi 3S


One of the good part of MIUI 8.
Thanks for sharing.
2017-02-13 08:36
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Thanks for the info
2017-02-13 08:37
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Master Bunny

Sridhar M | from Redmi Note 3


2017-02-13 08:40
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