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[Guide] [Device Team] Flashing Guide for MIUI based on Android N !

2017-01-24 16:51:23

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Hi Mi-Fans,
In this thread I will be explaining How to Flash the MIUI ROM to your Device in details, as I have seen severeal users are getting diffculity in flashing the ROM thus decided to make this guide, Lets Start with taking Backup of you device

the first thing is to take backup of your data like pictures, music ect..it can be done via

  • Mi Cloud
go to the Mi Account, click on Mi Cloud, Select the items to backup, then scroll down all the way to 'Mi Cloud Backup' , and do a 'Backup Now'. After which, you can either do another backup (e.g. using native MIUI local backup) or proceed to reflash/ upgrade.

  • Local Backup

you can also make use of the native 'Backup & reset' in MIUI ROM. However, you will need to transfer it out to your PC/ HDD/ or memory stick/card, because after fastboot reflashing MIUI ROM, all local data will be wiped out! So you will need to transfer it out after doing a local backup.

On the other hand, if you had already done a Mi Cloud backup, you can/ may wish to do another local backup, just in case, the Mi Cloud backup fail or corrupt, when you restore it later.

So, go to 'Settings', 'Additional settings', 'Backup & reset'. Click on the 'Local backups', and select the (1) Systems, (2) Apps, to backup.After backing up, open up 'File Explorer' APP, browse to "\MIUI\backup\AllBackup" folder , look for a sub-folder, it should be the date & time of the local backup done above. Transfer the whole sub-folder (including the exact structure of the sub-folders) out into a secure location/ storage media.

How to Update (Flashing Android N based MIUI)
This can be done either (1) Fastboot, or (2) Recovery Update, and it is the same as per how you will update/ reflash any MIUI ROM. There's no rocket science here, but if it is yor first time doing, I will share the simple steps here,
If you had downloaded the fastboot image, be sure to unzip it complete, and into the "c:\" or "d:\" root drive only. Else it will not work!
Else, if you had downloaded the recovery ROM package, there is no need to unzip it, just leave it as it is, ELSE, it will not work either!  

Recovery Method:
the most simplest and straightforward method, is to use to the native Updater APP. Download the latest MIUI ROM file Recovery ROM on your PC/Computer and copy it to your"Download" folder on your device, Open up the Updater APP, and 'Choose the package', browse it to the folder which you had downloaded the recovery ROM above.
(Download recovery file form here)


2.jpg 3.jpg

Go  to "Download" folder and Choosefiles, and choosethe Recovery ROM zip file you just copied from the PC/Computer and select andtap "OK".

4.jpg 5.jpg

It will then verify the package "Gettinginfo" and reboot automatically and flash the Recovery ROM accordingly, as shown below: (Make sure that your data is enabled at this time)
6.jpg Nandroid.jpg

Give it is a few hundreds of seconds to allow the fastboot reflash to complete, and upon successfully reflashing, do a reboot of your Device. Do note, upon first reboot , it will take longer than usual, so be patience and wait!


Fast boot Flashing
  • Do a check if your Device's bootloader is lock or unlock. Else, you will have to request for unlocking
  • For flashing the Fastboot ROM you need to download the MiFlash tool and fastboot ROM File. You can download the flash tool from here
  • You can put your Device into Fastboot Mode, by pressing Power & Volume Up buttons at the same time, connect it to your pc/ laptop. Be sure your pc/ laptop is installed with the 'ADB & Fastboot' drivers.
  • Download fastboot file from here
  • After successfully installed the Mi Flash Tool, you can path the downloaded & extracted fastboot rom image folder, and do a 'Flash All' reflash!.
  • If you had downloaded the fastboot image, be sure to unzip it complete, and into the "c:\" or "d:\" root drive only. Else it will not work!

put your device into fastboot mode , connect it to your pc/laptop.

After installing MiFlash tool on you PC/Laptop run MiFlash Tool will see the following window.
click on the refresh button.

Now Click on Select the fastboot download file from your system as shown in below.

click the "flash" button Please ensure that your device shown in below pic. and wait for 3-4 mins for it to complete

You have flashed successfully. Press and hold your "power" button to reboot your device.(upon first reboot , it will take longer than usual, so be patience and wait)
Restoring Data:
after completing the flashing, Now you can restore back your data
  • From Mi Cloud
Open up the Mi Account, click on Mi Cloud, scroll down to the 'Restore from backup'

  • Local Backup
Transfer all back to your Device (same sub-folder name and path!). Go to 'Settings', 'Additional Settings', 'Backup & reset'. Just select, click, and wait!



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How did you get that HD sign in the status bar ?
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recovery method is require to unlock bootloader????
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