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2017-01-22 03:14 PM

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FAQ about F-Code

P.S : Please Don't PM me for F-Code because I am not an official and just a simple Mi Fan

Did You see the Launch of Redmi Note 4?You want to get Hands on it as soon as possible? Beat the rush and you can Get it by using an F-Code.

What is an F-Code?

F-Code means a Friend's Code. F-Code given by Xiaomi so that you can buy the device anytime from . You don't need to participate in the flash sale if you have an F-Code. Pretty Cool right

Do I have to Pay If I have an F-Code?

Yes you will still have to pay for the Product. Don't Misinterpret F-Code as a Coupon.

From Where can I get the F-Code?

You can get F code by participating in the Contests at , Facebook & Twitter Page of Mi India.You can also get an F- Code by using the Gems in Lucky Draw

Is there any Contest on Mi Community?

Yes, there is. Click Here to go to the page.
You also have a chance to win Mi credits, which can be used to expand your Cloud Storage or buy themes.

Can a F-Code be used for all Variants of a Product?

No, F-Code is very specific. A F-Code can be used on a the same variant only.

For Eg: An F-Code of Redmi Note 4 Gold (3GB) cannot be used for Redmi Note 4 Gold (2GB or 4GB).

Do an F-Code have Validity?

Yes it has an Expiry. So make sure to use it before Expires

I have got a F-Code in lucky draw. How will they Contact me?
You will get an E-mail with your F-code along with its Expiry Date.
Go to in Desktop Mode or in PC.

Update to latest version of Mi Store App. Check Under Account Tab - Messages Section

Press On your Account Number and then Messages to Check for your F-Code

How to Redeem an F- Code?
Put Your F-Code and you get a Message for which the F-Code is available.
Press Ok and proceed to Order the Product.
Download Mi Store app - Click here to download

Login and Go to Accounts Tab.

Select F- Codes

Put your F-Code and insert the Verification Code

Can I sell my F-Code?

No you should not. F-Code has been awarded you to use it and not to sell it. If you come across any such thread on Forum Press the report button.

I don't want the product related with the F-Code, What Should I do?

You can give the F-Code freely without any monetary expectations or you can buy the product for anyone looking in your friends or family.

Is F-Code sold in Xiaomi or anywhere?
No, it can be only given as a gift by Xiaomi and MIUI Officials. Any Paid F-Code is illegal.

Thanks to Rohit.Gh , Arun and Aditya


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2017-01-22 03:14 PM
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Advanced Bunny

Kunal Singh | from Redmi Note 3


Nice thread and thanks for the information. :)


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2017-01-22 03:32 PM
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MIUI beta testers

Ravi_ | from app


Thanx for sharing valuable Information
2017-01-22 03:33 PM
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**I love Mi community India**

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1636667892 | from Redmi 3S


great job dude
2017-01-22 03:51 PM
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anyone want to share F-code?
2017-01-22 03:55 PM
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Invalid floor, the posts have been deleted #5


aditya10dulkar | from Redmi Note 4


nice thread :-)
2017-01-22 04:06 PM
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Ankit0007 | from Redmi 3S


Kiran Chandanshiv
anyone want to share F-code?

I also want as I want to gift my brother a mi VR which is out of stock
2017-01-22 04:23 PM
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Abhishekvr | from MI 4W


thank youuu
2017-01-22 04:24 PM
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Aman35442 | from app


nice thread and thanks for sharing
2017-01-22 04:36 PM
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Amandeep Singh

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ilalit | from Redmi 3S


how easy it is


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2017-01-22 04:43 PM
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