Hello Friends,

Normally the focus ring incorporates the focus and the exposure adjustment together.  So the focus and the exposure can only be adjusted using the same ring at the focus point.  Often when you focus on one area of your subject you find the need to adjust the exposure on another area of that subject to make some details more visible. It can be frustrating not having separate control over dark and light areas on your subject or of other areas in the scene in your frame. However,with the new improved MIUI Camera App feature it is now possible to have more control of the exposure in different areas of your subject and framed photo.

In manual mode previously, there was a white focus ring used for focussing the subject and by using the arrows on the side of this ring it was possible to adjust the exposure of the subject from this point. Now with the updated MIUI Camera App feature the same ring has two colours, half white and half yellow.  The ring can also be separated into two rings, a white one and a yellow one.  The white ring keeps the focus point whilst the yellow ring can be moved to other areas of the subject or elsewhere in the scene to adjust the exposure independently of the focus ring.

So let’s take alook...

1. Camera App before changes.  An open MIUI Camera App with "modes"or "options" looks like this screenshot. This version does not have the improved feature discussed in this thread.

2. This is a screenshot of what the updated MIUI Camera Applooks like after you have moved through the options from left to right; that is from "short video" to "manual"
The focus/exposure ring which can be separated can only be found in manual mode and only with "Auto" focus setting.

3. This is the bi-colour Focus/Exposure ring.  The exposure can still be adjusted whilst in this position, as previously.

4. However, now it is possible to adjust the exposure in another part of the frame by pressing on the "yellow" half of the circle (ring) and dragging it to the desired area.  Then adjustments to the exposure can be made by moving the arrows up or down.

5. Here the Exposure adjuster has been moved and the light has changed.

6. Whilst still focussing at a particular point, the exposure ring can be moved to a different point on the subject to bring out more details within that subject, without making drastic changes to the exposure of the entire image.

The two images below show contrasting exposures achieved by positioning the exposure ring in different areas in each photo.


Below are a series of photos showing similar examples of exposure changes with the different positionings of the yellow ring.





A possible final result.
I hope this thread is helpful to you and that you can experiment and  have a better understanding of this feature.